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On the Kentucky Bourbon Trail

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One of our goals is to be a local tourist. When friends and family visit, we need to be able to show off where we live. We have also moved around the country and know that exploring the home town area is important to growing roots in the community.


Lots of product stored for aging

Kentucky is home to several bourbon distilleries. One of our retirement travel goals is to begin to visit them along the trail that the Commonwealth of Kentucky has set. It will likely take us a while to get to all of them. We have friends who have biked on the bourbon trail, and Kentucky has an outline of some suggested bike routes. I am sure I have a friend or two who would ride some of the trail with me sometime next spring.

Bourbon distilleries are large and small in Kentucky, and the smaller makers are the craft distilleries. We started our tours with the craft trail, close to home. We have made one stop so far. Our first stop was the Boone County Distillery.  I cannot think of a better introduction into bourbon and the history than what we received from this group.

The tour was fun and informative. We did not make a reservation and were pleasantly surprised to be the only two on the tour. Larger groups proceeded and followed us on the tour. This is one of the benefits of being home when others are at school or working.

After our tour, we had the unique opportunity to see them uncork a barrel and strain the product. It was cool. Even better, we were treated to a taste from the barrel, which was slightly different from the finished product.

A few lessons learned. Being a local tourist is just as much an adventure as flying around the world. The people were very nice, informative and happy to make our visit meaningful. We are planning to visit more local attractions and will get to them soon.


Other items:

We were excited to see the redone Music Hall in Cincinnati. The symphony sounded great and the colors and updates were all very well done. We hope to go back soon to the symphony.


We were able to watch a dog for a short time and appreciated the quiet moments to reflect when you just have to be outside walking a dog. It is a good reminder to reflect on all the good things in life and all that has gone so well for us. We are grateful for every day.


No bike riding on this bourbon trail. I did teach a cycle class on the day of our tour. Always fun!


Have to stay in shape when it is cold outside.


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  1. Charles Kohl says:

    Thanks for the update, Glen! Merry Christmas!


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