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Bike riding without a cause, just for the fun of it!

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By now you know that I have been enjoying bike riding with my friends. We logged over 800 miles together between April and August this year. It is not just the riding; we have also begun sharing some fellowship over dinner and a beer after our rides.

Last year, my now retired friend Mike and I rode three century rides together. This year, due to so many events being cancelled, we are just riding for fun.

Early this year, we signed up for a Kentucky ride, only to see it cancelled until 2021. We have found that due to all of the cancellations, we are not as focused in riding distances or particular terrain as in years past. We are doing more out and back rides on the flats not needing to do so many hill repeats or long distance riding.

One of the casualties of the pandemic was my teaching indoor cycling. I really did enjoy teaching the classes and the work out was terrific.

We have ridden in the typical summer weather. We try to get out early to beat the heat and the traffic. Since I live in a county that has a lot of farms, we can go for miles and see other bikers and no cars. It is great. The flip side of going early in the morning is we are riding along the Ohio River and we sometimes encounter fog and have to shut down our ride for the day.

Other Fun

Strava now has a category of rides where you can be a local legend. Good news, it does not mean you are the fastest on that segment; it is an honor that you have done that segment more than anyone else locally in the last 90 days. This summer I managed to become a local legend on 4 segments. My riding friends joked that they will now have to call me Sir Waterloo as I have become a legend on two segments from Waterloo Road. I guess we ride that road often.

We found this sign on Victory School House road:

We are staying on the path!

It is time to turn around on the bike when you a sign about Big Foot. I hope we see you on the road enjoying travel.

Our friend and fellow biker, former airline pilot Captain Mike, retired. It was special to see what they do for a final flight and to visit in the cockpit. It is important to celebrate life’s milestones.

Lessons learned

We only train long and hard when we have an event to train for and a goal to achieve. We never did tackle the biggest hills in our area saying we did not need to this year.

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