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Retired Man with the Axe

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What would you have said way back in 2019 if a group got together with masks and sharp axes? You are probably not thinking about a bunch of retired friends who are generally agreeable and not too competitive. Fast forward to 2020 and put on a mask, sharpen a few axes and bring them to an axe throwing establishment.  We know that real men and women can have a blast throwing axes.

Even in the state of Kentucky, the rules under Covid -19 have been loosened to the point where a group of 10 can get together in a public place and throw axes. Thanks to our friends David and Sherri who bid on the event at a charity auction, we were able to join them as fellow first time axe throwers.

Our group after throwing axes and even hitting the target!

After some excellent ground rules and teaching for us on how to properly throw an axe by the staff, we divided into teams to play a few games. My team did not win but we all had fun. After our team competition, we divided into a “throw off” to determine the group’s best thrower.  The winner for the group was Jerry. He threw nice and easy and almost always hit the target.

We are exploring other things we can do to get out, appropriately distancing and wearing a mask. For some in the group, going out to dinner after throwing axes was a new experience. I appreciate that businesses were opening back up and we were able to support them.

Enjoying the day throwing axes with the one I love.

Other Fun

During the shutdown we were able to connect with our family and friends on zoom. Not the same as being with them but it was great to see everyone.

During the month of April I put more miles on my running shoes (95 miles) than I did in my car.

We started riding outside as the weather got nicer and I was able to get out for 98 miles of bike riding in April.

Ohio River looking toward Indiana. Taken from Lower River Road near Rabbit Hash

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