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Rest and Relaxation

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We spent a few days away from all of the travel excitement and spent a day around our cabin in Bryant, Alabama. We had great views from Grant Summit Cabins overlooking the Tennessee River valley. It was very relaxing and we needed to slow down!

We played games, read books and mostly enjoyed the view from the cabin. The hot tub was a nice relaxing option in the evening. We also cooked and just stayed put.

We did have to drive down to Nickajack as we could see this dam from our cabin. The dam is 81 feet high and stretches 3,767 feet across the Tennessee River. It was a defining feature of the landscape. We drove in on the southern side and enjoyed our close-up views of the dam.

Our other fun drive was to stand in three states at the same time! We heard that a marker was nearby and it was possible. We had fun finding the spot and standing in three states.

I met up with a college friend from the University of Houston. We took several accounting classes together and went to several football and basketball games. Mike retired at the end of 2015.

He talked about


I learned a lot from Mike!

  • slowing down and the difference it has made
  • being an extra on a few TV shows and loving it; no, he is not taking up acting
  • keeping busy and going out to lunch with his wife and enjoying visiting downtown Franklin
  • learning to relax when his wife takes a while in the store–I could learn a lot from Mike!

Other highlights:

We visited the home of the Dave Ramsey radio show and had our picture taken with the host. It was a fun experience, especially as I have taught the Financial Peace University class several times. If you have not taken the class, you should take the opportunity to check it out.

We played disc golf in Brentwood, Tennessee, at Crockett Park and had a good time. The course was open and fun to play. It was fortunate for us to meet up with a local who showed us most of the course. We also discovered a bike path that ran through the area and we are looking forward to riding that in the future. Our bike journey was cut off as it was raining when we could go for a ride.


Bike parking only Downtown Columbia

Bike parking –no bike ride on this part of the journey.

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