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Hi. Thank you for reading my blog. My company offered a voluntary retirement package to me at the end of February, 2017. I signed up and took the package that started my retirement journey in July, 2017. I am using this forum to publish our retirement travel adventures.

In 2017, Kim and I celebrated our 32 year of marriage and some of our travel will involve visiting our four wonderful kids.  Of course my dream trip is to visit Australia. Not sure why…so look for that adventure.

I am a traveler. I have visited all 50 US states, Hawaii twice and Alaska once with my oldest son who is in the Army. Kim and I have been to England and France. I have traveled to India six times as well as several times to both Mexico and Canada.

Hobbies include playing the trumpet, karate (see the blog post https://letstalkkarate.wordpress.com/), bicycling, racquetball, swimming and most of all spending time with Kim. You can follow my athletic adventures on Strava.

One thing I try to do is to play disc golf in locations along the way when driving or at our destination. Look for courses on the PDGA web site (http://www.pdga.com/) next time you take a road trip.

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